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Voices: Chant From Avignon - Benedictine Nuns Of Notre-Dame CD *

Voices: Chant From Avignon - Benedictine Nuns Of Notre-Dame CD *[602527482644]

The Benedictine Nuns Of Notre-Dame De L'Annonciation

Voices: Chant From Avignon

The Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation, from a remote region of France near Avignon, won a worldwide search to find the world's finest female singers of Gregorian Chant. The search took in over 70 convents, including communities as far afield as North America and Africa.

The Nuns are part of an ancient order which dates back to the 6th Century. They continue the tradition of leading a hidden life, literally behind closed doors. To remain `secluded' to the outside world, any visitors, even family, must communicate with the sisters through a grill. Once vows have been taken to live in the Convent, the sisters remain there until their death.

The Nuns' album will feature the most ancient form of Gregorian Chant, which the sisters sing eight times a day, and was the first music ever to be written down.

1. Overture: Invitatory Surrexit Dominus, Ps. 94

2. Sadness In Life: Introit Exsurge

3. Sadness In Life: Lamentation Oratio Jeremiae

4. Annunciation Bells

5. Sadness In Life: Sequence Dies irae

6. Sadness In Life: Tract Commovisti

7. Sadness In Life: Offertory Recordare

8. Sadness In Life: Alleluia Oportebat pati Christum

9. Stay With Us: Alleluia Cognoverunt

10. Stay With Us: Communion Panis

11. Stay With Us: Hymn Adoro te

12. Stay With Us: Introit Esto mihi

13. Stay With Us: Offertory In te speravi

14. Stay With Us: Sequence Veni Sancte Spiritus

15. Stay With Us: Antiphon Ubi caritas

16. Burning Hearts: Antiphon Nonne cor nostrum, Magnificat

17. Burning Hearts: Response Regnum mundi

18. Burning Hearts: Gradual Christus

19. Burning Hearts: Offertory Dextera Domini

20. Burning Hearts: Antiphon Alleluia, Ps. 116

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