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THEOLOGY OF THE BODY MADE SIMPLE - Anthony Percy[9780975801512]

Author: Anthony Percy

ISBN: 0975801511

Pages: 71 PB

Why You Should Read Theology of the Body Made Simple! Who am I? What am I? Great questions, don’t you think? But where do I begin to find answers. The Theology of the Body is a good starting point. It is a dynamic, new way of understanding who we are. We live in a world that loves to consume. As a consequence, people are treated like objects. People are used and discarded. Sex becomes a “casual indoor sport.” Sex becomes nothing other than another opportunity for betrayal. In his Theology of the Body, John Paul II calls a halt to this type of thinking and living. He says that we human beings are bodily persons. Our bodies are symbolic. Our bodies are meant for love. Our bodies are free and redeemed by Christ. The Theology of the Body Made Simple will introduce you to the basic experiences and concepts taught by Pope John Paul II between 1979 and 1984. It will give you confidence: Confidence to know who you are and in your ability to speak the truth in love.

“Fr Percy’s easy-to-read explanation of Theology of the Body was insightful and relevant. This inspirational book is a much needed tool to reveal the great treasures of this profound teaching in a simple way.”

Clare Pike (Executive Officer RESPECT LIFE OFFICE, Perth)

“The Theology of the Body will be one of the greatest of the many great legacies of Pope John Paul II. Fr Percy’s book provides a fine introduction to this tremendous resource for evangelisation and the renewal of hope in our world”.

+George Cardinal Pell (ARCHBISHOP OF SYDNEY)

“The Theology of the Body is part of the legacy of John Paul II to this and future generations. It will speak to people who are searching for the meaning of sexuality for years to come. Anthony Percy is to be congratulated for making it available to a wider audience.”

Ray Campbell (Director, Queensland Bioethics Centre)

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