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The Pope Who Quit - Jon M Sweeney CD AUDIO BOOK

The Pope Who Quit - Jon M Sweeney CD AUDIO BOOK[9781616364175]

The Pope Who Quit: A True Medieval Tale of Mystery, Death, and Salvation

What sort of man would abdicate the most powerful position in the Catholic Church?

History has painted varying pictures of Peter Morrone, Pope Celestine V, describing him as everything from a reformer to a coward. But one thing is certain: After rising to the papacy near the end of the Middle Ages, he gave up the chair of St. Peter just months later. For centuries, historians puzzled over the reasons for Celestine's actions, as well as over what happened to Celestine after he quit. Was he a prophet, a saint—or even a victim of murder?

The Pope Who Quit reveals the truth about this tumultuous period in history and shines a light on a tale of deadly papal intrigue.

6 compact discs. 7 hours (approx.)

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