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The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter

The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter[9781622826643]

Author: Alan Migliorato
There is a fierce battle happening between Our Lord and Satan for the soul of your daughter. If God is to win, you must do your part as a man, leading her as the Good Shepherd leads us all. You’ve got to stop being an overworked, out-of-touch father, and become the firm but gentle leader of your home.

In these honest and insightful pages – based on decades of his own experiences with his three daughters – author Alan Migliorato admits that it takes sustained efforts to learn the manly art of raising a daughter. But the reward is great, yielding just the kind of father-daughter relationship your daughter needs if she is to grow into a strong, well-balanced woman of faith.

Among other things you’ll learn here are:
• How to repair a damaged relationship with your daughter – and even your wife
• Why it’s important to know your daughter’s friends – and how to do it
• How to teach your daughter to put God first in her life
• The three things you must know about dealing with your daughter’s boyfriend
• How to teach your daughter to defend herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually
• The five signs your daughter is addicted to social media – and what to do about it
• The seven things you must do to be a manly man

With the help of the wise advice in these pages, your daughter will grow holier, your marriage better, and your family happier – all because you’ve mastered the manly art of raising a daughter!

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