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The Freedom to Love: Recovery and the Seven Deadly Sins - Emmeri

The Freedom to Love: Recovery and the Seven Deadly Sins - Emmeri[9781938223075]

Author: Emmerich Vogt O.P.

Publisher: Mill City Press

ISBN: 9781938223075

Pages: 158 HARDCOVER

The modern world is full of temptations that can lead people not only into unhappy lives but also into the throes of addiction. Navigating the world alone is not an easy task for any of us. Why not let The Freedom to Love be a most valued companion in overcoming an addiction to a sinful life? By living your life guided by true Christian morality and spiritual principles, you can break free from temptations and have the courage to experience real love.

Why study the 12 Step recovery from a Christian context? Addicts and codependents are unable to choose real love without being grounded in solid moral values.

Christianity offers a purposeful commitment to a way of life that heals human wounds and rectifies the effects of sin. It promotes character, growing in the measure that the person depends on truth and grace. Devote yourself to the study and development of Christ's love and you will find the strength to break free from addiction, codependency and sinful behaviors that preclude love.

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