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Test Everything - Cardinal George Pell (Paperback)

Test Everything - Cardinal George Pell (Paperback)[9781586179922]

Test Everything; Hold Fast to What is Good

Author: Cardinal George Pell

Publisher: Connor Court

ISBN: 9781586179922

Pages: 386 PB

WHAT a dinner party it would be...Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Clive James and George Pell chewing over the 'God question'. We'd bring a bottle of vintage Grange or three just to secure a seat at the table. And after reading Test Everything; Hold Fast to What is Good our money would be on Cardinal Pell to prevail with his belief that: "It is more reasonable to believe in God than to reject the hypothesis of God by appealing to chance. Goodness, truth and beauty call for an explanation as do the principles of mathematics, physics, and the purpose-driven miracles of biology which run through our universe.''

Connor Court is proud to publish the Cardinal's new book, a collection of 80 pieces that are incisive, often unpredictable, sometimes sensitive, occasionally hard-hitting, always engaging and never, ever dull. Readers will feel closer to Christ, and feel that they know Him a little better after exploring His life, teachings and what they mean for our lives and our loved ones in the cyber age.

....."His critical choices regarding `the cultural wars' are on target. With irony, humor and easily worn scholarship he counsels and cajoles the reader, always using the Cross of Christ as the unique and final measure of what it means to be human and thus holy...His writings reveal a strong, gentle, and an all-embracing heart. The style is fluent and fresh. Mulling over them is a source of joy, wisdom, and wonder.''

US Cardinal Francis Stafford.

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