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Saint John Bosco

Saint John Bosco[9780895556639]

Author: F.A. Forbes

Publisher: Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 0895556634

Pages: 209 pp

“Poor Don Bosco.” It was a pity that such a good young priest was losing his mind. Why he was dreaming about future churches, vast playgrounds, lots of helpers and thousands of boys! Before things got out of hand, why not have him checked out at the lunatic asylum.

Therefore, one morning two priests arrived at the Oratory to invite Fr. John Bosco for a drive. He agreed to go, but insisted that they get into the carriage first. Then he slammed the door. “To the asylum, quick!” he called to the coachman – who set off at a gallop. The two priests had plenty of explaining to do at the asylum and Don Bosco was no longer mentioned.

St. John Bosco’s method was love, kindness and patience, leading the boys to the practice of frequent Confession and devout Communion.

St. John Bosco’s amazing life included attacks by ruffians, harassment by government officials and protection by a huge, mysterious dog. It also included remarkable cures, “miraculous” fundraising episodes, the esteem of Popes and the founding of the Salesian Society. All in all, this is the story of one of the greatest and best-loved Saints of the Church.

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