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Romero - DVD

Romero - DVD[DAVID2640]

ROMERO is based on the life of Father Oscar Romero, a Salvadoran priest who transformed himself from a humble clergyman into a powerful political leader. Romero passionately pursued the eradication of human rights violations in his country and became a hero to the Salvadoran people. In a powerful and moving performance, Raul Julia portrays the revolutionary priest as he struggles to fight for peace against the violent oppression of his people. Romero became a voice of thousands who were forced into silence by torture and grave injustices, inspiring the people of a poverty-stricken nation to fight for their basic rights under the penalty of imprisonment and murder. The film is an insightful and disturbing look at one man's spiritual journey to greatness amidst a homeland torn apart by civil upheaval and political oppression.

Set against the bloody backdrop of a country ripped apart by civil upheaval, ROMERO is the life story of archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who, after facing torture and oppression, made a stand against social injustices in his country. Raul Julia stars as Romero, a hero to the El Salvadoran people who fought against political injustice and violence and was assassinated by the military junta in 1980.

ROMERO was filmed on location in Morelos, Mexico.

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