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A Rhythm of Life: The Monastic Way

A Rhythm of Life: The Monastic Way[9780764822278]

Author: Brother Victor-Antoine D'Avila-Latourrette

Publisher: Liguori

ISBN: 9780764822278

Pages: 224 HARDCOVER

From the origins of Benedictine tradition to our everyday lives, A Rhythm of Life: The Monastic Way traces and reflects upon a way of life that is both simple and inspiring. Brother Victor-Antoine highlights the many traditions, both daily and yearly, that bring us back to a prayerful life that often escapes us in our busy day-to-day lives. We are still here on earth, but we can be comforted and strengthened by the hope that Christ has reached the end of his earthly pilgrimage and is waiting with open arms for us to join him.

The wisdom and spirituality of the monastic life, inspired by St. Benedict, offers the modern traveller the comfort of this tradition and the strength gained in the values of the monastic way. Now we – with Brother Victor-Antoine – are inspired to apply these traditions and values as we are guided by reflection through reflection through the varying seasons.

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