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Martyrdom of Saint Toribio Romo: Patron of Immigrants

Martyrdom of Saint Toribio Romo: Patron of Immigrants[9780764816666]


Publisher: Liguori Publications .

ISBN: 9780764816666

Pages: 48 pp

Tells the story of Toribio Romo, a victim of persecution of the Church in Mexico in the 20th century. He was murdered in 1920, and canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2000. This booklet reconstructs the world in which he lived and examines the tumultuous relationship between church and state in Mexico at that time. It is a story of courage in the face of terrorism and an example of how persecution usually makes the Church stronger.

'One of the conundrums of Mexican history is how a country that is 90 percent Catholic could have experienced such a brutal persectuion of the Church in the twentieth century. Just south of our border in the 1920s and 1930s, priests were hunted down and shot, Church property was confiscated, and the teaching of religion was forbidden - even in the privacy of the home. In some places agents of the government burned statues and religious works of art I nteh streets, then danced around the fire while wearing Mass vestments they found in the sacristy. All this happened in one of the great Catholic nations of Latin America… The following pages will chronicle the life and times of Toribio Romo, one of the victims of this tragedy whom Pope John Paul II canonised in 2000. In recent years Saint Toribio has become well known in the US, especially among Mexican immigrants, many of whom see him as their protector at a time when increased security has made smuggling immigrants across the US-Mexican border more deadly.' - from the introduction

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