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Locke - Edward Feser

Locke - Edward Feser[9781851684892]

Author: Edward Feser

Publisher: Oneworld

ISBN: 9781851684892

Pages: 192PB

The philosophy of John Locke has dramatically shaped the way we live today. He is quoted in the American Declaration of Independence and has had a lasting influence on many of our political systems, shaping our ideas on rights, government by consent, religious toleration, psychology and empirical science. Thought by many to be the quintessential philosopher of the modern age, his ideas are the key to understanding society and politics in the West. In this accessible introduction, Edward Feser explores Locke in historical context as well as his lasting influence, and looks critically at his legacy. In this, the author argues, we find the origins of many of the conflicts that dominate modern Western social and political life.
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