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Life-Giving Love - Kimberly Hahn

Life-Giving Love - Kimberly Hahn[9781569552926]

Author: Kimberly Hahn

Publisher: Servant Books

ISBN: 1569552924

Pages: 375 pp

God has a beautiful design for your marriage. Have you discovered it?

Blueprints for building a family seem to abound today. But the countless plans proposed don’t all agree, and married couples are often left confused. Where can we turn for a true vision of what it takes to build happy, healthy, holy families?

Kimberley Hahn takes us back to the One who designed marriage in the first place. God’s wonderful plan for the family is clearly revealed in the time-tested teachings of the Catholic Church.

Hahn offers a fresh but deeply rooted perspective on the true meaning of marital love and its implications for a number of significant issues: natural family planning, contraception, infertility, abortion, sterilization, and miscarriage. She draws from Scripture and Church teachings as well as poignant personal experiences from dozens of families who share their stories. Their testimony will help you rediscover the path of prayer, sacrifice, and self-discipline that God intends for married couples--the path of life-giving love.

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