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Life is Changed not ended: A workbook for preparing a Catholic f

Life is Changed not ended: A workbook for preparing a Catholic f[9781875522088]

Author: Tom Elich

Publisher: The Liturgical Commission

ISBN: 1875522085

Pages: 80 pp

This book contains the prayers and readings for the Catholic funeral rites. It is designed to be given to the bereaved family so that they can make some choices and help prepare the funeral of someone they love. It is a book for them to write in.

The few days after a death are emotionally demanding and very busy. This book invites the participation of family and friends in preparing the funeral rites in a way which respects the limits of their emotional energy and time.

The family may not be able to produce a full and final text for the funeral, or make all the arrangements for the celebration of the rites, or prepare a people’s participation book for the ceremony. They will need help from the pastor and parish to do these things.

With this workbook in their hands, however, they will be able to contribute to the prayers and readings of the funeral rites. Their choices can help shape a funeral rite which meets their needs.

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