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Let\'s Sing Sing Sing ! Volume 1 - Two by 2 CD

Let's Sing Sing Sing ! Volume 1 - Two by 2 CD[letssing]

"Two by 2" is about providing children with a whole new way of experiencing the wonderful stories of the Bible (old and new testament). Using exciting musical influences from around the world whilst keeping the stories loyal and accurate to their Bible passages.

Two by 2 was created so that young children can begin learning the stories and their messages before they begin school and also as a religious learning aid when they are at school. The Two by 2 brand was created as a loving and trusted addition to any home or school.

The core philosophy that makes Two by 2 outstanding and revolutionary is that the music is loved and enjoyed just as much by the parents as it is the children!

Sing it Two by 2 : 1.43

Creation Story : 2.23

Noah's Ark : 2.38

Jesus Heals a Blind man : 1.54

Hate and Love : 0.36

Lazarus : 2.03

The Prodigal Son : 2.56

Final Message : 0.30

Three Wise Men : 3.38

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