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Legacy of John Paul II

Legacy of John Paul II[9780860124405]


Publisher: Continuum Books UK

ISBN: 9780860124405

Pages: 274 PB

Pope Benedict XVI has written: `I consider it my essential and personal mission not so much to produce many new documents but to see to it that John Paul`s documents are assimilated, because they are a very rich treasure, the authentic interpretation of Vatican II`

This volume responds to that challenge in helping readers and students to come to grips with the important themes in John Paul II’s theology. This is important as his influence is already as great as that of almost any other Pope and his teachings and writings need to be studied carefully by Christians of all denominations.

His writings were as prolific as his canonisations were vigorous. They range from topics as important as ethics, politics, theology and comparative religion. He published a number of philosophical books before becoming Pope.

All this and more is covered in this indispensable book.

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