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Layman\'s Missal

Layman's Missal[9780826442284]

Sundays, Principal Feasts and Liturgy of the Sacraments

Author: The Holy See

Publisher: CONTINUUM

ISBN: 9780826442284

Pages: 1512 PB

A new edition of The Layman`s Missal reprinted in response to Pope Benedict XVI's recent motu proprio, authorising and encouraging the use of The Tridentine Rite.

There is liturgical ferment and renewal in the Roman Catholic Church, encouraged and directed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. At the time of the Second Vatican Council a new order of Mass was approved (Novus Ordo) which was regularly to be said in English only, with a Latin version for occasional use. Now two important developments have taken place. Before long a new Roman Missal will be published- along with a new Lectionary thereafter. The Holy Father has also encouraged and authorised the widespread usage of the Old Rite- also known as The Tridentine Rite. This is said only in Latin and will please all those countless people who were never satisfied with the New Rite (Novus ordo). There will therefore now be a new pluriformity of usage. This new edition of the Missal is the 1962 edition, that authorised by Pope John XXIII, before the start of The Second Vatican Council. It is therefore the last authorised version of the Tridentine Rite. There is one significant change. In our new edition of The Layman`s Missal the Prayer for the Jews, which was such a bone of contention, is now included in the version amended by Pope Benedict XVI and now promulgated for use. This new edition of The Layman`s Missal is reprinted in response to The Holy Father`s recent motu proprio, authorising and encouraging the use of The Tridentine Rite.

Table Of Contents


The Eucharistic Sacrifice

The Liturgical year

The Ordinary of the Mass (Old Rite)

The Sacraments

Prayers and Offices


Supplement of Local Masses

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