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Jesus: He Lived Among Us - Book

Jesus: He Lived Among Us - Book[9781593174354]

God sent His only Son, Jesus, to live as a man, walking among the people and teaching them about their Heavenly Father. For centuries, people have been drawn to the story of Jesus. What is there about this man that would make people leave their homes and families to follow Him? What could possibly inspire them to love Jesus so much they would be willing to die for Him?

Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a retelling of the life of Christ, based on the animated film from The Voice of the Martyrs. This presentation of Christ's time on earth is a biblically based, dramatized narrative that takes the reader on an action- packed journey, depicting Jesus' life, including the persecution He and His followers experienced. These stories illustrate the profound effect His life had, both on His followers and on those who considered Him a threat.

While not your typical Bible storybook, Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a powerful learning tool for young people and adults as they discover Christ's relevance to their lives. Readers will be challenged to a deeper faith as they witness the sacrificial nature of those who follow the Christ who lived among us.

* Twenty-nine stories from the four Gospels are told through the eyes of the last surviving disciple. All other disciples died as martyrs.

* Illustrations in the book are taken from the animated film to create a colorful depiction of the stories, based on the Bible.

* Subject headings and Scripture references are included with each story as a guide for readers who seek a more detailed account of the Bible story.

* Discussion Guide at the back of the book contains questions from each story to be used for personal Bible study or as a guide for small groups.

Questions will reinforce Bible learning.

* Stories written in an easy-to-understand style.

* Appeals to all ages*--Jesus He Lived Among Us brings stories to life for kids and adults around the world.

* Stories follow the movie script, expounding on the persecution of Christ and His followers.

* The surviving disciple's retelling of the stories challenges readers to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as their personal Savior.

Some material may not be suitable for younger children

Written by R.F. Palavicini and Steve Cleary

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