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JESUS CHRIST Yesterday ~ Today ~ Forever - Anthony Percy

JESUS CHRIST Yesterday ~ Today ~ Forever - Anthony Percy[9781921421242]

Author: Fr Anthony Percy


ISBN: 9781921421242

Pages: 80PB

From the Foreword - Jovina Graham

The first thing that struck me when I first met Fr Percy is his frank manner. There can be no doubt of his genuine sincerity. This is true when he is engaged in important matters.

The matter at hand here is Christ and that same tone – plain-speaking and genuine – echoes through the pages of this book. But more importantly, Christ’s life and heart resonates through the lines of every page.

Too often we tend to be incurious about Christ – young people especially. Whether we are well-formed young Catholics or those not quite in tune with the Church, we are subconsciously inclined to think we have heard all there is to know about Christ.

It’s as though there is some finite amount of knowledge about Jesus and that because we have been so often exposed to talk of Him, we must know what he’s about. I often find myself content to sit and contemplate the Christ that I know with a familiar contemplation, without any burning desire to uncover His face.

This book will cure anyone who suffers from that. It will ignite a curiosity about Christ, and show you dimensions of Him who is infinite that you had not even conceived of. Even better – the discrete, un-intimidating chapters allow you to take this journey at your own pace, without ever getting lost.

Fr Percy has always had an excellent knack for getting into the minds and hearts of young people. Here, he leads us – anyone curious about Christ – further into a place that this excellent priest clearly knows well: the fullness of Christ.

This short and dynamic book will be a perfect springboard for any person, young or old, churched or unchurched, to further their lifelong mission of delving into Christ. My greatest fear while reading this book was that at the end, there would be no more to uncover of Christ’s face. My greatest realisation and joy, was that by the time I finished reading, Christ had revealed how much more of his face he has yet to reveal to me.

What will he reveal to you?

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