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Gospel Parallels: A Synopsis of the First Three Gospels

Gospel Parallels: A Synopsis of the First Three Gospels[9781331776611]

Author: Burton H. Throckmorton Jr.

A thorough study of the gospels is possible only when they are printed in parallel columns for comparison. Therefore, the American Standard Bible Committee requested a sub-committee to prepare a synopsis based on the Revised Standard Version so that the new version might better meet the needs of students. Before the work was undertaken, advice was sought from representative college and seminary professors in order to obtain their ideas on the features which should be included. The principles of arrangement in this volume were adopted on the basis of the suggestions which were made.

It seemed advisable, first of all, to compile a synopsis of the English text which could be used conveniently with a Greek synopsis. The obvious choice was the latest edition of Albert Huck's Synopsis of the First Three Gospels (9th ed. by Hans Lietzmann; English by Frank Leslie Cross, 1936). This edition is available to American students through the American Bible Society. During the two generations since "Huck" first appeared(1892), it has steadily come into ever wider use, until now it is known by New Testament students the world over. It prints each gospel in order (with quite minor exceptions); it repeats each gospel when out of order, and contains adequate subdivisions without being too complex. Hence, we have used the same section numbers and a similar marginal apparatus in order that the books may be used in the same class, where some can profitably follow the Greek and others only the English text.

Gospel Parallels offers two advantages never before available in a synopsis in English. First, the noncanonical parallels are given in full in addition to the parallels in the other canonical gospels. Most students do not have immediate access to the Gospel according to the Hebrews or to the quotations and gospel allusions in the Church Fathers. Yet these are a valuable part of our tradition about Jesus. Secondly, in connection with variant readings, the chief manuscript support has been cited. We believe that students who know no Greek can learn the significance of the most important manuscript witnesses. We have included all of the variants noted in the Revised Standard Version and have added others which seemed important enough to bring to the attention of serious Bible students. The titles of some section headings have been changed from those used in the latest edition of "Huck." In some cases this was required by the new translation. Another difference will be found in the printing of the parallels from the Gospel of John, except where a very long passage is involved.

The Hazen Foundation made a generous subsidy toward the cost of the plates in order that the book might be available to students at as reasonable a price as possible. The committee supervising the preparation of the Synopsis was composed of Henry J. Cadbury, Harvard University Divinity School, Frederick C. Grant, Union Theological Seminary, and the late Clarence T .Craig, formerly of Yale University Divinity School and later Dean of Drew Theological Seminary. The detailed work of preparing the present volume was done by Burton H. Throckmorton, Jr., then instructor in New Testament at Union Theological Seminary and lecturer at Columbia University, now Professor of New Testament at Bangor Theological Seminary, Bangor, Maine. In the typing of the manuscript, the verification of references, and the completion of the manuscript citations, he has made an indispensable contribution. Professor Kendrick Grobel of the Vanderbilt University School of Religion kindly assisted in reading the proof.

It has been eight years since Gospel Parallels was first published. Its use of the Revised Standard Version, its arrangement following that of Huck's Synopsis, and its fairly extensive footnotes the three major features of this particular "harmony" or "synopsis" - have apparently proved
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