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Good News About Sex & Marriage - Christopher West

Good News About Sex & Marriage - Christopher West[9780957868243]

Author: Christopher West

Publisher: Freedom Publishing

ISBN: 0957868243

Pages: 192 pp

Based largely on Pope John Paul's "theology of the body," West's message is that sexual bonding is an aspect of Christ's connection to His Church on earth. Read with youthful enthusiasm by Paul Smith, the program discusses the Christian practice of cloaking sexual impulses in spiritual imagery and promoting strategies for managing such impulses. In West's confusing view of the Church's teachings about homosexuality, being gay is not a sin, but it is evil, a deviation from God's plan, and a sign of man's fallen nature! Still, the writing sounds less punitive than some religious approaches to sex and might help people who are desperate for some outside authority to manage this part of their lives.

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