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God and Bible: Exploring Stories from Genesis to Job

God and Bible: Exploring Stories from Genesis to Job[9780809145201]

God and Bible demonstrates that the Bible is not a rigidly fixed Fundamentalist narrative describing events of long ago, but an exciting treasury of spiritual questions, dramatic surprises, competing theological perspectives, and even conflicting ideas, all of which challenge the contemporary reader to deeper reflection and stronger faith.In a series of brief, engaging essays, the author discusses the Creation accounts, the Flood story, Abraham, the entry into Canaan, the Judges, David and the Kingship, the Prophets, Jonah, Job, and much more. Each section begins with an introduction outlining the latest scholarship in accessible language, and ends with a series of personal reflections. Assuming that the Bible is not about a distant then, the author explores Biblical texts for what they tell us about ourselves today. For example, why are there multiple Creation accounts in the Bible, and what insights do they give us about unchanging human nature? How do these insights apply to the world we live in now? Drawing on the best of cutting-edge Biblical scholarship, this book unlocks the meaning and meanings of the Scriptures, and shows how they challenge us to ask the questions that will truly transform our lives.
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