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Dawn of All - Robert Hugh Benson

Dawn of All - Robert Hugh Benson[9781519424976]

Author: Robert Hugh Benson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1519424973 / 978-1519424976

Pages: 107 PB

In a former book, called LORD OF THE WORLD, I attempted to sketch the kind of developments a hundred years hence which, I thought, might reasonably be expected if the present lines of what is called "modern thought" were only prolonged far enough; and I was informed repeatedly that the effect of the book was exceedingly depressing and discouraging to optimistic Christians. In the present book I am attempting — also in parable form — not in the least to withdraw anything that I said in the former, but to follow up the other lines instead, and to sketch — again in parable — the kind of developments about sixty years hence which, I think, may reasonably be expected should the opposite process begin, and ancient thought (which has stood the test of centuries, and is, in a very remarkable manner, being "rediscovered" by persons even more modern than modernists) be prolonged instead.
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