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Chant Made Simple

Chant Made Simple[9781557255297]

Author: Joan Carroll Cruz

Publisher: Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 0895556383

Pages: 306 pp

The purity and simplicity of this language is what fed the musical and liturgical life of Western Christianity for more than a millennium, before the rise of other forms of liturgical and sacred music. However, following the reforms of the Vatican II councils in the 1960's, chant fell into disuse as a primary musical language for the liturgy.

Gregorian chant is now enjoying a revival, and is more popular than it has been in the last forty years. This useful guide is for musicians of all denominations and levels, and will promote the understanding and singing of chant.

Designed as an accessible manual, Chant Made Simple looks at rhythm and melody, explaining the notation, symbolism, dynamics, and Latin pronunciation of the chants, with a short guide for each on how to learn them. The book includes a variety of chants for use throughout the liturgical year, as well as the biblical texts of those chants. Some will be familiar, even when the Gregorian melodies are not (i.e. Ave Maria, Regina caeli). New for the 2nd edition of this classic work are: an entirely new interior design that is easier to navigate and read, additional examples from the chant repertory with historical and spiritual introductions, and an accompanying recording of these selections

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