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Brother Francis - \"Let\'s Sing\" CD

Brother Francis - "Let's Sing" CD[9781939182036]

From the “Brother Francis” animated series comes a joyful collection of songs that will inspire children’s devotion to God. Fun and uplifting, the melodies in “Let’s Sing!” reflect the sound teaching and great quality entertainment that the “Brother Francis” series offers!

Songs include:

1. Brother Francis Theme Song

2. Let's Pray

3. The Sign of the Cross

4. Jesus' Love is Very Wonderful

5. I Love to Pray

6. Praise God, I'm Forgiven!

7. The Rosary Prayer

8. What More Could He Give?

9. With God's Love

10. Jesus is the Light of the World

11. You are the Bread of Life

12. I'm Loved by a Loving Father

13. I've Got a Family

14. The Our Father

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