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Broken by Addiction Blessed by God: A Woman\'s Path to Sustained

Broken by Addiction Blessed by God: A Woman's Path to Sustained[9780764818936]

Broken by Addiction Blessed by God: A Woman's Path to Sustained Recovery

Author: Penny Mary Hauser

Publisher: Liguori

ISBN: 9780764818936

Pages: 185 PB

Broken by Addiction, Blessed by God gives voice to women with substance use disorders who have often been overlooked, underserved, and inappropriately treated.

Author Penny Mary Hauser brings a lifetime of personal and professional experience with addiction and recovery to every page as she explores why and how treatment of women with substance abuse and process addictions (gambling and sexual addiction) requires an approach different from approaches traditionally used with men.

Her STIGMA approach provides a blueprint for treatment:

S = self image

T = traditional roles

I = ineffective communication

G = grief and loss

M = medical issues

A = anger and abuse

Each chapter presents a three-stage process through each barrier to women's sustained recovery. Because a relationship with God is critical to lifelong recovery, each chapter also includes Scripture passages, reflections, prayers, and words of spiritual inspiration.

This important book will put women on the path to sustained addiction recovery.

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