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Anglicanorum Coetibus - Pope Benedict XVI

Anglicanorum Coetibus - Pope Benedict XVI[9781860826603]

Author: Pope Benedict XVI

Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK

ISBN: 9781860826603

Pages: 25 PB

This exciting new development for Christian unity offers a practical way for non Catholics to enter into the Catholic Church while retaining elements of their heritage and their hierarchy. It is important for both Catholics, Anglicans and other Christians to study this document in order to understand the new provision and how it will affect the life of the Church.

The Apostolic Constitution and accompanying norms are the response of the Holy Father to the many requests that have been submitted to the Holy See from groups of Anglican clergy and faithful in different parts of the world who wish to enter into full, visible communion with the Catholic Church.

The Constitution introduces a canonical structure which will allow for entry into full communion with the Catholic Church while preserving elements of the distinctive Anglican spiritual and liturgical patrimony. The Complementary Norms accompanying the Constitution will guide the implementation of this provision.

This Apostolic Constitution opens a new avenue for the promotion of Christian unity while, at the same time, granting legitimate diversity in the expression of our common faith.

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