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Alive in the Spirit - Fr Ken Barker MGL

Alive in the Spirit - Fr Ken Barker MGL[9781922168504]

Author: Fr Ken Barker MGL

Publisher: Modotti Press

ISBN: 9781922168504

Pages: 208 PB

"Alive in the Spirit" invites Catholics to open their lives more fully to the power of the Holy Spirit. With spiritual wisdom and compelling stories Fr Ken Barker describes with clarity and conviction the many ways we can expect the Holy Spirit to be active in our lives, bringing new freedom, hope and personal transformation.


"Fr Ken is an astute commentator of what appears to be the present impulse of the Holy Spirit alive in our troubled times. This book is full of joy and personal testimonies of hope in Jesus. It offers us comprehensive pastoral teachings to guide our understandings of what a “New Pentecost” really means. May it be widely read!

- Bishop Chistopher Prowse, Sale Victoria

"The New Evangelisation requires a New Pentecost, the sovereign action of the Holy Spirit in the Church, rather than new programs or harder work by those in the vineyard of the Lord. In this book Fr Ken explains that this is already happening, that the Spirit is already changing hearts and lives. It is very encouraging for those who want to see the Church fully alive."

- Marita Winters, Executive Secretary, Bishops Commission for Mission and Faith Formation

"This book provides a beautiful exposition of the manifold ways in which the Holy Spirit renews and revitalises the life of faith. The book is not only grounded soundly in Sacred Scripture, and its teaching linked to the spiritual patrimony of the Church, it is also enriched by contemporary testimonies which reveal the power and fruitfulness of the Spirit at work in the Church today."

- Bishop Julian Porteous, Auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney

This latest book by Fr. Ken Barker MGL is a delight; simple to read but profound in the message it brings. He draws largely on his experience of the Holy Spirit’s activity in his own life, and also that of others, through the “baptism in the Spirit”. I believe that this book will encourage readers to totally surrender their lives to receive what Fr Ken calls the “kiss of the Spirit”.

- Allan Panozza, former president of the ICCRS


Fr Ken Barker is the founder and Moderator of the Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL), a new emerging congregation in the Australian Church. He is involved in many works of evangelization and spiritual renewal, and is the author of popular books, including 'Becoming Fire', 'Young Men Rise up', 'His Name is Mercy', and 'Amazing Love'.

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