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Author: Fiona French

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1586170244

Pages: 32 pp

Beginning with Jesus' ride to Jerusalem through crowds of palm-waving followers, The author employs an intricate painting style that mimics the leading, shimmering color variance and composition of medieval stained glass. While matching the dignity of the text, her scenes also convey, via their expressive design, a sense of warmth, freedom and movement that children will find especially appealing. The selected Bible passages flow easily from one to the next, keeping the story of the Passion succinct and accessible for young readers (though some of the phrasing may require further explanation). Particularly memorable images include the disciples netting a multitude of wriggling fish on the sea of Tiberias, a stark, gray Jesus nailed to the cross and, fittingly, a gloriously bright, swirling depiction of Jesus being joyfully "carried up into heaven."

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